Opening Up A Kitchen 9/3/2016

One of the biggest complaints we hear about a kitchen is that it is too small. Our customers have flipped through magazines and browsed countless pages on the internet, eyeing these big, open floor plan kitchens with a million cupboards ...
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Bring the Blues into Your Bathroom 7/21/2016

Let me start by saying that I love every shade of blue. It is so calming, it goes with almost everything, and comes in every shade to either lighten or darken the space you are painting. Blues can be airy, like the sky on the first few d...
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"We Design It, Build It, Manage It" 6/7/2016

" We believe that interior design is about more than prestige labels and fleeting fads. It's about creating a beautiful and functional dwelling that reflects your body and nourishes your soul."      When I first read ...
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A subject that hits close to home 4/24/2016

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Chelsea, and I work to maintain the website and Facebook page to keep all of our readers interested and informed about all of the exciting things that take place at Adams Construction and Design. ...
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Bringing 2016 Trends into Your Home 3/11/2016

A new year means new beginnings, fresh starts, and different opportunities to experience something different. One of the boldest ways to do so is to remodel any part of your home. Our homes are where we go for sanctuary after a long day ...
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