2018 Color Forecast

As another year begins, one of the most prominent things designers keep their eye on is the predicted color forecast. Top names like Sherwin-Williams, Pantone and Glidden reveal the top color choices they see being the biggest hit for the next twelve months. These hues aren’t limited to wall color; they can be seen on anything from drapes, to furniture, to accessory pieces.


2018 is predicted to be a year of growth and embody the spirit of contemporary life. To help capture this essence, Sherwin-Williams created three different color palettes: Affinity, Connectivity and Sincerity.


Affinity combines warm browns with the bright pop of greens and blues, and wraps everything together with a beautiful splash of magentas. The browns are meant to relax and bring a comforting element to the home, while the bright colors bring a twist of unexpected fun and liveliness.

The color palette for Connectivity is inspired from innovations in technology, referring to pixelated and high-definition colors. Sue Wadden, the color marketing specialist of Sherwin-Williams, says, “Connectivity is modern and playful, bringing in dark watery tones of blue that are balanced with neutrals, warm yellow and energetic purples.”

Sincerity’s main objective is to help people unwind and relax in a soft, comforting environment. This palette isn’t meant to be a contrast of dark hues and light tones, but instead aims to be more of a fluid transition from one organic color to the next. With more muted tones being the forerunner, this collection is sure to help anyone feel at home.


With all of these choices, its easy to feel a little overwhelmed. Contact Melinda's Interior Design today to let us help you incorporate the palette that will fit your home and lifestyle perfectly. 

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