5 Ways to Bring Comfort Back Into Your Bedroom

Sometimes it's easy to forget that the bedroom is one of the most sacred places in your home. You don't just sleep there; it's where you prepare for your day, take moments to relax, and unwind at night. So don't skimp when it comes to making your bedroom as comfortable and enjoyable as possible! Here are some designer tips on how to achieve the perfect bedroom atmosphere.

1. Use calming, pleasurable colors
Even if your favorite color is red, it's not a great color for the bedroom. Wall colors that are soft and cool exude a calming effect that will help set the mood for whatever that day may hold in store for you. Keep large surfaces light and natural and use contrasting colors for small items such as throw pillows and decorating accents.
2. Use LOTS of different textures and fabrics
When it comes to bedding and other soft goods, keep it interesting!  Add some velvet throw pillows,  a chunky knit throw or a braided rug to really add to the comfort factor. Remember, the bedroom is supposed to be the most comfortable room in the house, so fill it with textiles you love!
3. Invest in quality bedding
You know those 100% down duvets and 400 thread count sheets?
They really are worth it! Having luxurious linens makes such a difference in everyday life, you will be surprised how much you appreciate them. Splurge on great linens like sheets and towels, and you will thank yourself on a daily basis. They will also last much longer than department store sheets and towels.
4. Let the light shine through
Lighting is a very important part of bedroom ambiance. There are three main types of lighting in design: ambient, which is an overall soft, illuminating light, such as from a ceiling fan; task, for performing specific activities such as reading or putting on makeup; and accent, which is simply for fun! Overhead lighting shouldn't be too harsh, while ample task lighting is essential to eliminate squinting and straining while reading or dressing. Feel free to accent with whatever fun fixtures or lamps fit your style.
5. Make it easy to stay organized
Having a clean, uncluttered space only adds to the relaxing feel of the bedroom, so make it easy on yourself to keep it that way. Invest in a good closet organizing system, keep designated hampers for laundry, and keep lots of storage space available. Baskets, storage ottomans, and under-bed storage tubs will cut down on chores and increase free time. And who doesn't love that?
Melinda's Interior Design can help you with all your custom closet design, redecorating and custom bedding and window covering needs. If your bedroom needs a refresh, feel free to call us at (530)347-4526 for a free consultation!

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