A subject that hits close to home

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Chelsea, and I work to maintain the website and Facebook page to keep all of our readers interested and informed about all of the exciting things that take place at Adams Construction and Design. But when I am not sitting at my desk, I am at home with my husband and my beautiful daughter who just hit 18 months old. She is smart, loves to joke, and her smile makes my heart leap. But she also has a curious mind (as do most children), and it can lead her into some situations I never thought I would have to deal with until I became a parent.
           One of those situations would be the cord on blinds. My daughter loves to play with the strings when she visits her grandparents' house, and she also thinks they look beautiful when she tries to wear them as a necklace. I had never heard about children getting strangled with the cords until the possibility was right in front of my eyes. She obviously doesn't know any better, but I do. Of course I could keep the cords wrapped up with a rubber band or twist tie, or I could repeatedly scold her until she learned she wasn't allowed to play with them, but I wasn't about to take the chance that she would constantly ignore them, even if I was out of the room or she was being watched by someone else.
          The best possible solution to my problem was cordless blinds and shades. They are becoming increasingly popular, and now come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. They maintain all the functionality of corded blinds, but add a beautiful design to any room that is sure to impress house guests. The reasons to make the switch to cordless blinds are limitless, but as a mother to a toddler, taking one worry off my plate was the only reason I needed.
Cordless shades brought a beautiful touch into my home, and I know that they can do the same for other homes and families out there. Melinda's Interior Design would be more than happy to help you pick out the perfect pair for your home.

(As an added bonus, Hunter Douglas is offering a $100 rebate on some of their most popular binds right now through April11, 2016).

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