Bring the Blues into Your Bathroom

Let me start by saying that I love every shade of blue. It is so calming, it goes with almost everything, and comes in every shade to either lighten or darken the space you are painting. Blues can be airy, like the sky on the first few days of spring. It can be rich and bold, and make a beautiful statement. It can be dark and welcoming, and help you get lost in a daydream. The possibilities are endless, and the best part (in my personal opinion) is that you can always pair different shades of blue together to create a contrasting look that is sure to aesthetically please. 
        It also happens to be one of the top color choices for 2016.
That being said, blue is one of the most popular picks when it comes to redecorating a bathroom. Even if the particular color you choose is too bold for all four walls, adding a splash of color can instantly create an energetic vibe that makes you perceive the room in a completely new way.
 And the color doesn't necessarily have to come from painting the walls. Painting the cabinetry, adding a tile backsplash, or even adding fabrics (like towels, rugs, shower curtains, and window treatments) can alter the room.   Remember to always check your paint colors and fabric swatches in different lighting, because they will change in appearance. Here are some of the ideas I personally fell in love with.
Painting the walls a lighter shade of blue and accenting with dark cabinets and browns gives this a very rich look.
By leaving the walls white and accenting in gold, this dark blue cabinet adds enough color to catch the eye, but not enough to overwhelm.
This particular shade of blue has grey mixed in with it to create more of a calming effect. This color can vary depending on if it is paired with light or dark accents.
This bathroom has chosen to also go with a blue that has touches of grey in it, but by painting the walls grey and accenting in a few different shades of blue, the overall look becomes very cohesive.

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