Decorative Pillow Accents

Decorative pillows can brighten up a dark couch. They can add beautiful patterns to an otherwise solid piece of furniture. And the best part is they are small and versatile enough to be changed often without the expense becoming a burden. With so many different options of size and color available, the possibilities are endless to create distinctive looks for your home. Add a whimsical pattern for a touch of fun, or a bold print to draw the eye. Layer up pillows of the same color but different shades to create a monochrome masterpiece. Be daring with textures too. A faux fur pillow will give the overall appearance of a softer, more romantic setting, whereas a leather or studded throw pillow would declare modern chic.


There are a few guidelines to organizing and coordinating your decorative throw pillows. Try to remember these tips when sprucing up your furniture pieces.

  1. Work In Odd Numbers.

A decorating secret is to group things in odd numbers. This creates a look that is more pleasing to the eye, and peaks interest in the brain. Our minds automatically group things in even numbers, and when there is an odd number of items in front of us, we tend to focus on them longer.

  1. Bigger to Smaller

When adding throw pillows to your couch, the largest pillows should be placed on the ends, and any other pillows you add should get progressively smaller the closer to the center. Not only will this simulate a much larger couch, but it will also be more practical for live-in use. A smaller pillow wont need to be moved or tossed aside to make room for more occupants.

  1. Comfort First

Above all else, decorative pillows are meant to add an air of comfort to whatever furniture piece you adorn. Don’t choose a bright pattern in a rough or scratchy fabric, or place a studded pillow where it can constantly snag the fabrics around it. Try not to buy so many that you feel as if you’re sitting in a bag or marshmallows instead of a sofa, and lastly don’t buy a pattern or print that is too wild for your decorative taste.



Pillows are an exciting, inexpensive way to add new life to old furniture, or to draw attention to a more subdued piece. Keep your color schemes in mind when you shop, pick pieces that will help create the look you are trying to achieve, and most importantly, have fun. When it comes to decorative throw pillows, nothing is set in stone, so experiment to find a look that is just right for your home.

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