Don't be "blind" when it comes to window fashions

For a very long time, my idea of window fashions were the cheap white blinds that came from walmart with a nice curtain over them. It was quick, it was inexpensive, and I thought it solved my problem. But then my toddler would get excited to see Daddy come home, and she'd rip open the blinds from the middle of the window. And because of the fear of strangulation, I'd have a pile of cord pinned to the top corner of the curtain. And even against all these odds, they weren't great at keeping light out to begin with.

What I thought was a great solution ended up being just a temporary piece of plastic that I would end up having to purchase again and again.
                                                        We've all been guilty of this at one point or another
But because I've been working at Melinda's Interior Design, I've been surrounded with countless window treatments of all shapes, sizes, and materials. I am currently enrolled in a class through Horizon Window Fashions to teach me as much as possible about the world of "blinds", and I can honestly say I will never go back to the above picture again. And honestly, there is no reason to. I have learned that there are more variations of hard window treatments than I could have dreamed. Whether it be room darkening, light filtering, motorized, lower from the top, rise from the bottom, verticals, two shades on one roller... the list goes on and on. And there is so much opportunity for personal touches.
Want a window treatment made out of a fabric that you absolutely love and happent o have on hand?
Want a row of beaded crystals to hang from your bottom hem to catch the light and add a touch of glamour?
Not a problem.
How about you want a shher fabric during the day so you can enjoy your beautiful view, but at night you want an opaque shade for privacy?
There's a window fashion that wil give you both.
So many options, and every single one of them adds beauty to the home while remaining completely functional. If you were to save all the money you would spend on replacing the inexpensive vinyl blinds, you would have paid for these elegant treatments and then some. Not to mention, almost all of the manufacturers stand behind their work and offer lifetime warranties with their products. If you are ready to stop fussing with a poorly made excuse for a blind and upgrade your home, give our office a call. I know you wont regret it.

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