Opening Up A Kitchen

One of the biggest complaints we hear about a kitchen is that it is too small. Our customers have flipped through magazines and browsed countless pages on the internet, eyeing these big, open floor plan kitchens with a million cupboards and a view to die for. Then they look at their own kitchen and are disappointed in the comparison of size. The funny thing is, a kitchen does not have to be big for it to be beautiful. Sure, we are all guilty of gazing at a kitchen with enough space to ballroom dance in, but as long as a kitchen is functional and has the right design elements to it, size couldn't matter less.
However, there is a big difference between a small kitchen, and a cramped kitchen. Fortunately, there are different design and remodel options which can help to open up your space, without ever adding more square feet to the house.
A perfect example is a kitchen remodel we did a few jobs back. Our customer wanted a more open feel to her kitchen space. When we went out to survey the job, we found it was also lacking heavily in natural lighting, causing a harsh tone to fall over the cabinets and countertops from the giant ceiling light.
This house also had beautiful glass doors attached to the breakfast nook, but none of the light was able to filter into the kitchen because of how the walls were placed for cabinets.
Our solution was to come into the kitchen and remove the wall which divided the kitchen and the breakfast nook, allowing all the natural light from the glass doors to now reach into the kitchen. We did discover that this wall was a bearing wall, which normally means the wall cannot be removed because it structurally holds up the ceiling. This problem was avoided by making part of the wall resemble more of a "post" and placing a cross support beam along the ceiling line. After creating the pass through, the countertop was extended slightly past the wall but held at the same height, and the kitchen cabinets were redone by Brookhaven (which guarantees the cabinets for life).
After the cabinets were installed, just a few designer tricks helped lighten up the kitchen even more. Glass tiles were installed for the backsplash (which reflect light), and the cabinets were painted with a taupe-white finish. Most customers don't realize that painted cabinets will actually reflect light, whereas wood grain cabinets soak up the light. After removing the giant ceiling light, can lights were placed in different areas around the ceiling to distribute artificial light more evenly. In this particular house we were also able to place the cabinets which would have been lost into the laundry room, so the customer didn't lose any storage space.
Removing a kitchen wall can make all the difference in your home, but should always be done by professionals. If you would like to see what differences we can make in your kitchen, give us a call today and we would be happy to help you.

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