Organizing a Laundry Room

My coworker Michelle said it best; "When it comes to making a house work, the functionality of the kitchen and the laundry room are essential."

And I truly believe that. The laundry room does one of our biggest jobs, and yet is usually sees the littlest rooms and closets in our home. Things become piled up, crammed into drawers, and strewn about the floor in manners that would make a toddler impressed. And instead of picking up things as we go, we close the doors to our mess and pretend it doesn't exist (at least I do). Why spend time cleaning it when I know that it will look like a disaster area in two days time?
I finally realized something had to change in my laundry room if I was going to be able to really utilize my space, so I took to the internet, and spoke to Melinda, and compiled a list of different organization tips that are not only doable, but also cost efficient (even if they end up paying themselves off over time instead of immediately).

Laundry Room 101

When it comes to laundry rooms, it is not necessary to keep walls or spaces blank. Use every space that is available to you. If you have a gap between your machines, or the machines and the wall, invest in one of these slider drawers to help organize things that are either too heavy for the shelf or are not needed on a regular basis.
The higher you can go in your laundry room, the more space you have to your advantage. Building shelves, hanging a rack for hangers, or placing a shelf for empty baskets can free up floor space and minimalize clutter.
Another tip to help bring organization in is to paint the space and make it your own. If your laundry room is designed, painted, and decorated, you will be less likely to shove everything into a pile for a later date. Decorating the space also makes it become more of the home rather than an afterthought, and instills a sense of pride in you to show it off with the rest of your house. Achieving this can be done through simply a coat or two of paint, pictures, wall decals, and through the use of jars and bottles instead of the packaging soaps and other products come in.
Finally, remember that storage is everything when it comes to a laundry room. Not only do we do our clothes in these cramped spaces, but they double as storage shelves for vases, or one of the drawers is our designated tool drawer, or the ironing board gets propped up, or if you are lucky enough to have a large enough space with a sink, our pets may even get their baths in this rom. Anyone can turn this space into an organized masterpiece simply by knowing what they are dealing with and making it work for them.
I hope to do some organizing of my own this weekend, and have my own laundry room be as nice as the ones in these pictures. If you have any more tips, or questions, please feel free to comment. We'd love to hear your ideas.
(As a small side note, I also believe every laundry room should have a sign like this one! Happy Tuesday to you).

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