Wallpaper for the New Era

When wallpaper comes to mind, we happen to think of the obnoxious floral paper that lined every room in our grandmother’s house. Nothing about these memories make us think of the terms “new and modern”, and to think that we would be anxious to place these sheets in the rooms of our own homes seemed ludicrous. However, wallpaper is making a comeback in the design world with just a few minor changes. Instead of plastering every wall with paper, interior decorators are opting to create a beautiful accent wall that offers meticulous designs and patterns. These bring a level of sophistication and originality that paint alone can’t compete with. With thousands of different styles and colors to choose from, everyone can find something they love. Not to mention by only doing one or two walls the labor is cut in half and makes the process quite easy. If flat wallpaper isn’t what inspires you, try textured wallpaper. There are options that you can paint to match or some that are already dyed to a specific shade. The end results are always beautiful, stylish and chic.


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