"We Design It, Build It, Manage It"

" We believe that interior design is about more than prestige labels and fleeting fads. It's about creating a beautiful and functional dwelling that reflects your body and nourishes your soul."
     When I first read the mission statement for Adams Construction and Design, I took the words at face value. Of course I knew absolutely nothing about interior design except what I had seen in magazines and online advertisements, but I assumed the statement was just another promise tied up with pretty words to encourage the customers that the design and construction team were on their side. I had seen thousands of mission statements promise the moon and the stars to their potential clients, and then fall short when it came to the actual business deal.    
     Then I began working here, and I was able to sit down and have a conversation with Melinda Adams about what the statement meant to her. She told me that she believes in our mission statement with her whole heart, and that anyone can turn a house into a "home", no matter if their budget is $50 or half a million. There's simply a few key things to keep in mind when it comes to remodeling a new space.
1. Make It Functional
Furniture, cabinets, window treatments... It can be the most beautiful and intricately designed item that you have ever laid eyes upon, but if it has no functionality for you, your family and your lifestyle, then it becomes worthless. Pick the pieces you would get the most use out of, and you are sure to get your money's worth. I'll give you a personal example. My daughter was just learning to stand and was pulling herself up on everything heavy enough to hold her weight. Around that same time we decided we wanted a coffee table for our living room. I fell in love with a beautiful oak table that had an etched glass center and a carved design winding around the edge. I wanted that table fiercely, but ended up having to turn away from it at the thought of Eva crashing through that beautiful etched glass and hurting herself. Instead we ended up getting a black leather (padded) ottoman, and not only is it more durable when it comes to my kid, but I have found I love it more that the coffee table because I am not afraid to set a drink upon it, or put my shoes up, or watch my girl dump all of her toys out on it.
2. Fads Last For 5 Years
Fashion runs the interior design business, and new options and colors and trends are being released faster than we can blink an eye. As soon as one model comes out, the newer, faster, better, bigger model is already in production. Therefore, instead of trying to keep up with new trends for your home, pick what you are the most comfortable with and stick with it. Decide what your personality is closest to, whether it be romantic (like the Victorian era) or a love of outdoors, or you can't get enough of technology. From the perspective of an interior designer, when clients pick from todays hottest tend list instead of staying true to themselves, they tend to live with their decision for a maximum of five years before growing bored and wanting something new.
3. Make It Your Own
Find the colors that you can't get enough of, and bring them into your home. Buy accents that all have a similar characteristic. Use plenty of textures to create a more eye catching design. But no matter how you do it, make it something that you love. Remember that a designer is meant to be there to find what you enjoy, and help you incorporate that into the place you call home. You are ultimately the one who will be glancing at it every single day, and you should smile every time you see it.
Some examples of personal touches our clients have placed into the job.
Your home is the place you go every day, and the place you can't wait to come back to after a trip elsewhere. Turn it into a space that not only reflects you, but calms you and makes you proud to call it your own.

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