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A Complete Design Studio Located In Cottonwood

With a complete design studio and showroom located in Historic Cottonwood, we are here to accommodate all of your design needs. We offer a large selection of cabinets, designer fabrics, flooring, and window treatments,we have everything you need to complete your project!

We look forward to meeting with you one-on-one to assist you with your design needs.

Space Planning

As complete custom designers, we use our skills and experience to create not just a design, but proper space planning as well. Space Planning ensures that not just aesthetic goals are met, but that the space will be functional as well. We asses major and minor traffic flows, focal walls, cabinet & furniture placement, and lighting both natural and artificial. We also understand how texture, contrast can color can affect an interior.

Color Consultation

More than simply choosing colors, our color consultation uses know color psychology to invoke the proper mood or emotion in a space. For instances red is know to correlate with passion, creates appetite and makes time feel as if it is moving faster. Color can also impact the the dimensional appearance of a space. Particularly, proper contrasting of colors can make a room feel like it larger than it really is.

specializing in kitchen and bathroom remodel

specializing in kitchen and bathroom remodel

35 Modeling and Preview

We know that good communication and accuracy go a long way to make sure we meet our clients expectations. That is why we have invested in the software and training to enable us to create a three dimensional computer model of your planned interior. Using 2020 Design, we are able to preview entire floor plans with are entire catalog of products, cabinets, tile, fabrics, lighting and more. We find that this helps to speed the selection of products and enhances the clients overall satisfaction at the end.

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